Nishtha Jain ACA

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

Often it is said that the first place of work determines one’s career trajectory. Naturally, for similar reasons I was very nervous, anxious but at the same time very eager and excited for the next stepping stone in my professional journey.

Fortunately, I happened to join a firm which aligned with my professional goals. Sesco did not just give me exposure in statutory audit but diverse experience across service lines.

I handled assignments related to taxation, internal audit, tax audit, financial advisory and MIS which helped me assess my likes/dislikes as I got to experiment with different fields. The firm with its positive environment always motivated and inspired me to work hard whether through challenging assignments, educational opportunities, demanding excellence.

Sesco enabled me to explore beyond my skill set which made me a better person. Deeply grateful to the partners and seniors with whom I got an opportunity to work, who acted as great mentors, guided me throughout and helped me gain confidence in my skills and abilities. Throughout the journey here, I made a bunch of great friends. I fondly cherish the times spent together.

The learnings and experiences at Sesco shaped me to become the person I am today. Proud to have been a part of the Sesco team, forever grateful for all the experiences, guidance and opportunities that came my way.

Apurva Jain

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

I was fortunate enough to be a part of a Firm that continuously strives to be a Premier Firm providing excellent services to all its clients. Sesco represents a robust team of dedicated professionals who work round the clock towards building seamless solutions for its clients.

The extensive knowledge and hardwork of the Partners and the Staff are the Pillars of Sesco. Their professionalism and expertise to serve the clients to their satisfaction has always been an inspiration to me. Their constant guidance along with that of my seniors and peers helped me carve a path for myself through my journey at Sesco. They were easily approachable, accessible and responsive at all times making work easy. The environment at work was very transparent allowing us to give a continuous feedback and enabling solutions for the same. We were not confined to the four walls of the office but were also given immense exposure as we worked collaboratively with clients not only within the city but also outstation. This helped me develop an understanding of the clients needs and aspirations. Sesco instilled an unwavering value in me to work with the clients with utmost humility and honesty.

Sesco has moulded me in every possible way to withstand the challenges in the corporate world. It has pushed me to surpass my limitations and explore the myriad of possibilities. The firm ensured that it imparted not only practical knowledge but also groomed me in a plethora of ways. Be it the numerous sessions, training programmes and various other activities that were organised in order to foster the importance of team work. Complete transformation of myself is what I have experienced during my time at Sesco. From being a shy introvert to becoming a socially adept person, I came a long way. I couldn’t have invested the precious three years of my articleship at any other firm but Sesco. Sesco has helped me groom and grow knowledgeably, professionally and personally. I will forever be grateful to be a part of the Sesco Family.

Melinda Micheal ACA

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

It all started with walking into that beautifully green pathway till the entrance. You don't expect such aesthetics in a CA firm. I was already feeling at home. I thought to myself 'I'd love to come to this every morning for the next 3 years' and very gladly I did. I came in as a shy, teenage with no prior work experience and went out as a confident professional ready to face whatever is to come.

The whole experience from day one has been among my most fond memories. You come in and watch your seniors in awe of the way they work and in 6 months you are there. This transition is so seamless that you do not realize it is happening. It's the environment, the work you are exposed to, the people you interact with and your willingness to grow.

The leadership is a perfect blend of friendly and approachable yet professional people. They provide you with the guidance and mentorship you need at this phase in your career. Working with Mr. Seshachalam taught me how to systematically approach an issue and go in depth of the Tax laws to find the solution. It was always inspiring to watch Mr. Bharadwaj network and enthusiastically build the firm and provide the clients and the employees a great experience. Mr. Goutham taught us the importance of documentation and was a constant support in all the audits. Mr. Kishan and Mr. Shariff were always approachable and our constant support.

On an articleship experience front Sesco offers a wide exposure into various areas. I had the opportunity to work on Statutory and Internal Audits of Corporate and Non-Corporate clients, Tax Audits, Special Audits, Taxation of Corporates, Non-Corporates and Individuals, Process Reviews, Drafting of Standard Operating Procedures. I was exposed to various Sectors (such as Pharma Companies, Manufacturing Entities, Insurance Broking Services and Non-Profit Societies to name a few) and I realized the importance of this later on in my career where the experience in these sectors gave me an edge at work.

The Chartered Accountancy course has so much theory to digest; to be able to practically implement what you have learned, brainstorm interpretations of law, understand how to go about solving a new problem- all this makes the course even more meaningful and interesting.
Being at Sesco you learn the importance of communication, networking, documentation, being organized and continuous learning. Our efforts were appreciated and we were encouraged to go beyond what we think we are capable of. We are given the opportunity to lead audits and interact with senior clients. All this lays the foundation to a strong career path be it as a corporate professional or practice.

I really enjoyed the Sesco Culture of celebrating festivals, birthdays and long nights of work together as a family. The outstation audits and team outings will always be memories I go back to. I am grateful to Sesco for the people I’ve met and the friendships I’ve made. It’s been a pleasure being a part of this organization.