Prasanna Bathina ACA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

I strongly believe that my experience or I rather say exciting experience at firm had laid a foundation to my career. Today what I am is because of the lessons I learnt every day during my journey. People can learn work anywhere but to learn to be true professional we need mentors like Mr. Seshachalam and Mr.Bharadwaj.

I am very much fortunate to work under both Mr. Seshachalam and Mr. Bharadwaj. With help of their vast experience and expertise, they guide us to be future leaders. They are the persons young professionals can look up to.

During my article ship period I was exposed to different blend of areas which helped me to understand and gain an overall experience not limiting to a particular type of work which helped me to find out my area of interest. I learnt to work as a team and deliver work in a professional way without compromising under pressure.

I still remember the first day I walked into the firm as a naïve person with lot of hopes and a bit of nervousness and as well as my last day at the firm walking with a bag full of experiences and learnings.

In short, Sesco is one of the places were young professionals would gain a lot of experience and confidence to take out on competitive world ahead of them.

Veronica Daniel ACA

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

It was an honour and a privilege to be a part of the esteemed firm, Seshachalam & Co. In the three years of my articleship, I had the opportunity to work under the guidance of all the partners of the firm in the areas of taxation, audit, accounting, financial reporting and statutory compliances for a diverse set of clients.

Seshachalam & co is a firm built on values and discipline. The senior partner, Mr. T. Seshachalam, never fails to inspire me. His knowledge and experience in the field are unparalleled. The managing partner, Mr. T. Bharadwaj, an epitome of professionalism, leaves no stone unturned in providing quality services to his client. He never fails to go the extra mile to boost the productivity of the articles by providing us with a conducive and productive working atmosphere. The taxation partner, Mr. Prabhu, from whom I have gained immense knowledge of the subject, has always been there to guide and mentor me through all the areas of work.

All the partners have challenged and pushed me to be a better version of myself.
Apart from practical knowledge, the firm has also helped me develop my interpersonal and soft skills by conducting various seminars and team outings.

Besides the knowledge I acquired and the confidence I gathered, I gained friends for a life time and made some beautiful memories for which I will always be grateful to everyone at Seshachalam & co.

Srujana Kerchipally ACA

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

To this day, I carry a part of Sesco in my professional life - in the way I interact with various stakeholders, the meticulous documentation, the spreadsheet expertise, just to name a few.

My 3 years spent in Sesco, as a fresher with no prior work experience, everyday was challenging and filled with opportunities. We had extensive work exposure for which we had maintained a chart system wherein each article updates the areas of work done and thereby gets to cover all the fields of work. I have received not just work exposure but also geographical exposure as our clientele was located all over Hyderabad and beyond. The September end rush especially taught me to work under pressure. The motto we strictly followed “work not documented is work not done” –has stayed with me after all these years & continue to follow in my professional career. Also, we were provided sufficient support & encouragement to prepare for our CA-Final, be it the classes, preparation, or leaves.

Under the guidance of Mr. Seshachalam & Mr. Bharadwaj, I had the privilege of working with prominent clientele, learnt people skills, and learnt to deliver nothing but perfection. Mr. Kishan & Mr. Sheriff with their never say never attitude have forever been supportive to all of us.

There was abundance of opportunities and a platform for continuous learning. Looking back at all the challenges I have faced, I wouldn't change a thing as it has laid a strong foundation & shaped me into who I am today. I will forever be grateful to have started my professional journey from Sesco and to have been a part of Sesco family.

Malvi Patel

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

Feels extremely lucky to be a very tiny part of Seshachalam & Co., which has a large variety of clients, having inspiring corporate culture and challenging opportunities.

On my joining, I was looking forward to learn how the things I had only read about in textbooks come to life in the real world and yet I am proud to say that I have learned a lot more.

I got the opportunity to work with great teams to audit a diverse variety of clients engaged in businesses like manufacturing, precision engineering, stock broking, insurance, pharmaceuticals and insurance.Each engagement offered new learning and challenging opportunities. All the assignments where punctuated by exciting experiences, which I’m going to cherish for the rest of my life. One of my earliest lessons was learning the importance of building a good rapport with the client’s staff, right from the head of the organisation to the support staff.

It was an amazing experience to implement bookish knowledge in practical situations and finding relevant differences between the same.
My experiences with various clients has not only been a boon for my professional knowledge but also helped me build my communication skills, confidence and self belief, which is priceless.
In my three years of articleship training, I’ve seen the firm grow each day, aiming to achieve newer heights across states and now globally too.

A special mention about the Managing Partner, Mr. Bharadwaj, who has not only been a fantastic mentor but also an amazing support system.
All in all, it was a journey of a naive kid transforming into a professional, which I undoubtedly give all the credit to the Partners and the Support Staff.