V.Bhavana Srinivas ACA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

Working as an intern in Seshachalam and Co (Sesco) groomed me in various aspects. A major advantage which I realised after taking up a job in big four, after my internship, is the holistic exposure an intern at Sesco experiences, which later on helps in choosing the field one wants to pursue as a career.

At Sesco, my contribution never went unnoticed because I was being directly tutored by the partners. I got the opportunity to lead audits in my early days, work on niche assignments, improve my drafting, learn to create comprehensive spreadsheets and simultaneously build on various soft skills which influenced me to be the person I am today.

While I got a holistic exposure by working on varied projects, I always enjoyed working on tax with Mr.Seshachalam . His approach in arriving at a tax solution by interpreting the law after robust research, majorly driven due to his experience/ expertise in the field of taxation, inspired me in choosing tax as a career path to pursue.

Ensuring the clients get nothing less than an exceptional service is a motto Mr.Bharadwaj lives by. Having worked with Sir directly on certain assignments helped me understand the qualities required of a dynamic leader and the X factor which differentiates Sesco from its peers.A strong foundation was laid for a journey post qualification.

Devendra Dudheria ACA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

"Articleship period is the most important foundation for every Chartered Accountant's career constituting 3 years of practical training out of 4.5 years of the course. Given how critical it is, after 3 years of my time at Seshachalam & Co., I can confidently say that I was fortunate to have been a part of the firm.In my term, I have been subjected to countless learning opportunities and challenges alongside continuous monitoring and review procedures, which have aid me to grow exponentially.The exposure and abundance of knowledge here has helped me overcome chronic stage fear with drastic improvements in my communication skills.The firm conducts invaluable training programs from time to time to continuously improve it's quality of work.Not only is Seshachalam & Co. glorious in the field of work, it is also a culture rich firm. I have celebrated festivals right from Sankrati to Christmas including Talent hunt tournaments with the Sesco family.If given an opportunity of going back in time and changing things, I would still prefer Sesco for my articleship. It's invariably the best place to be." Thank you for all the opportunities and learnings.

Koushik Poolla ACA, CIA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

Chartered Accountancy is more about doing work professionally than just doing professional work. While one can learn professional work from different sources, becoming a fine professional is only possible with proper mentoring and an enabling workplace. Seshachalam & Co. (Sesco) in that way has refined me in ways more than I can realize.

The work is a perfect mix of all areas rather than restricting you to a few. This enabled me in understanding and identifying my areas of interest while choosing my career path.

The things I’ve learnt from interacting and working under the expertise of Mr. Seshachalam were something which books cannot teach. The mentoring I received from Mr. Bharadwaj along with his constant support and guidance is invaluable. While individual contributions were recognized and encouraged, I’ve learnt the importance of team work while working with the ever-supporting experienced seniors and peers.

I’ve learnt delivering under pressure and delivering more than what was promised which are so important for a professional. The work was very exciting with multiple out-station audits and various social and extra-curricular activities were always there to improve the team morale and promote a healthy positive work environment.

Finally, it gave me friends for a life time and a place which I’m so happy and proud to be a little part of.

Shravan Teja Rapolu ACA

My experience at Seshachalam & Co

My journey at Sesco has developed me in various aspects both on professional and personal fronts. Pursuing internship at an esteemed organisation is a dream come true for any CA aspirant and I was fortunate enough to have done the same at Sesco. Stepping into internship as a rookie was nerve wracking but the atmosphere and colleagues here made me feel home.

At Sesco, the learning curve was always upward and the freedom given to us by our seasoned partners enabled us to always have an out of box thinking and ensured we have various perspectives towards every challenge. The best part here, is the responsibility entrusted on us in terms of leading assignments and handling clients directly which helped us grow immensely not only technically but also on the people skills.

Working alongside Mr. Seshachalam and Mr. Prabhu on various tax assignments and learning from them on how they would go about the work was such an invaluable experience. Looking at the unwaivered enthusiasm of Mr. Seshachalam makes you realise age is no bar for learning and should be a perpetual process. Working with Mr. Bharadwaj on various projects including audits and management services and amount of guidance and mentoring received has shaped me immensely and helped me understand the qualities required for being a true professional.

Alongside work, Sesco was much also about outstations, extra curricular activities, team building exercises and late night dinners during the peak seasons which made time here a memorable experience. A special mention of Mr Kishan and Mr Sharif who were always our go to persons and for their continuous support.

Many thanks to all my seniors and peers for their support and guidance and to Sesco, for the friends I have made who till date and will always have a significant influence on me. Always proud to be part of “Sesco Family”.