Nitin Ganesh

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

A 20 year old someone trying to make a mark in the first foray of their career. My journey as a professional, like many of my friends in this partof the story, began at Sesco. It was a chapter which shaped me for years tocome and the professional values which were instilled have held me in good stead even in the toughest of times.

Remember that quote by Uncle Ben in Spiderman? "With great power comes great responsibility".

I'll take the liberty of twisting that a bit to say "With great responsibility comes great power".

The beauty of this place lies in the responsibilities it entrusts, on young professionals such as I, to get the job done. By doing so, I had a platform to let my ideas and expressions flourish, while being anchored and tempered with decades of experience alongside me.

Alongside work, amidst outstation travel, birthday parties, intense games of carrom and long conversations after office hours, we had little moments which, in retrospect, turn out to the most memorable of times.

Most importantly, it gave me friends who are a significant influence on who I am today. That's one reason why the term "Sesco Family" holds true.

Today, despite branching out to a different career path altogether, I find myself rooted to the place I began my journey. No wonder they say the firsts are always special and as we reach greater heights, we take its legacy along with us.

Sneha Holla ACA

My Articleship Experience at Seshachalam & Co

It is said that a great building can only be built on a strong foundation. And I am very happy to have built this foundation of my career with Seshachalam & Co. The firm has played a major role in transforming me from an amateur intern to a qualified professional by ensuring that I got adequate exposure in various fields such as internal audit, statutory audit, process audits, direct and indirect taxation. I also got to work on a diverse clientele from various sectors such as pharma, technology, health care, retail etc.

During my tenure with the firm, I got the opportunity to learn from the best. Seshachalam sir is a constant guiding force leading the firm with years of experience. His attention to detail and tendency to ensure that any deliverable is backed by thorough research and documentation always inspired us to be nothing less than the best. Bharadwaj sir's dynamic leadership skills and passion to always ensure exceptional client service make him the best mentor one could ask for.

The fact that Sesco is a member firm of Praxity, an international alliance of accounting firms, is a testimony to the fact that work at Sesco is in adherence with high standards of quality. The firm deals with a diverse clientele, many of whom have been with the firm since several years, evidencing the trust, respect and credibility built by the firm and the partners over the years.

Overall, my experience with the firm has been highly enriching which has moulded me into the professional I am today

T.R.Sai Prakash ACA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

Pursuing articleship in a firm which has been in the service for 64 years and counting is an achievement in itself. I’m fortunate to have successfully completed my 3 years of articleship training at Seshachalam & Co (Sesco), which helped me gain immense knowledge and exposure in the field of Taxation, Auditing, Management Consultancy Service (MIS), regulatory compliance procedures and other statutory compliances. Our Senior partner, Sri T. Seshachalam has always been a role model to the young trainees as he demonstrates the importance of ethics in our professional endeavours. I’m grateful that I was given the opportunity to work under his guidance and to have gained his valuable insights. Our Managing partner, Mr.T. Bharadwaj is a great mentor to all the trainees. He has not only helped me throughout my journey at Sesco, but also has been a constant source of guidance in my personal life. I admire the way he set a precedent in how to interact with the clients and to build an ever-lasting bond with them. He also organised an annual outing for us where we got to play cricket and many more exciting extra-curricular activities which contributed to a positive aura among us. Our Partner-Taxation, Mr. Prabhu has spent lot of time in training very patiently . He has not only been a good mentor but also a great friend. I have been fortunate to be a part of audits across the country involving different audits. The firm is constantly expanding in and has also made its presence in the country of Sri Lanka. At Sesco, the trainees are constantly guided by experienced Partners and efficient Managers which help them transform into skilled professionals. The bond among the trainees is commendable as we always lend a helping hand which contributes to a healthy work environment. Finally, the best part of articleship is the friends that I have made here. We have developed a great bond and are in constant touch even after the completion of training period and most of them have been successfully placed in various reputed companies and are excelling in their professional career. To conclude, Sesco has moulded me from an introvert teenager to an intellectual professional and I shall be forever grateful for it.

Sandeep Reddy Modugu ACA

My experience at Seshachalam & Co

Articleship as a predominant phase in the career path of chartered accountancy sculpts a mere student to be the considerable professional. Where being professional is labelled a tactic, the culture at Seshachalam & Co (Sesco) celebrates it as a moral value that redefined my instincts more than I imagined.

The firm holds an immaculate history of six decades which speaks openly of the workplace decorum. Sesco holds a rich cultural diversity and practices inclusiveness at all levels. Work composition here is a blend of traditional assurance to tax engagements and the contemporary advisory assignments which are rooted to my all-round development besides laying a platform to vouch my interests down the career path.

Albert Einstein quoted "Information is not knowledge. The only source of knowledge is experience. You need experience to gain wisdom". These lines fittingly elucidate the able leadership at Sesco. Working under the expertise of Mr. Seshachalam and Mr. Prabhu made me introspect the way of doing things which inturn strengthened my fundamentals. The challenging assignments alongside mentoring and moral support received from Mr. Bharadwaj shaped me to be the person that I am today.

I've learnt the importance of coexistence, continuous learning and sharing while delivering under the demanding times. Working with ever-inspiring seniors, supporting coequals and mettle testing subordinates added invariably to my enhancements. Performance is always recognized and respected at sesco. The lunch hours and carrom sessions are exciting to look out for. Outstation audits, team building and extra-curricular activities are a feather to the crown. The immense support and guidance received from Mr. Kishan and Mr. Shariff necessitates a special mention.

My time at Sesco is filled with cherishable memories besides wonderful people that's worth a story telling. All in All, Sesco turned out to be my multibagger for the time invested.