Shivani Agarwal ACA

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

My Journey at our firm has been a well-travelled one. Initially, as an article at Sesco began a sequence of career shaping experiences opening my thoughts towards work, the nature of it, the process involved, methods, all of these have been in a different yet exemplary way which is focused beyond just plain accounting procedures. As any article ,at Seshachalam & Co, I too had the good fortune of learning under all our partners and working for prestigious clients in each field which has also contributed greatly in professional growth and in me becoming a CA in my very first attempt. My brief stint away from Seshachalam & Co has made me realize the importance of the cohesive nature of work that is pursued here. Sesco is a firm where the focus has always been to learn on the job and all over partners have always inspired new insights towards auditing, taxation, financial services and advisory. As a Chartered Accountant, I’m always encouraged to pursue audits with my ideas offering a great deal of independence and meaningful insight from my colleagues. Recently, work commenced on international audit has opened a new dimension in my professional practice. I’ll be eternally grateful towards my work family at Seshachalam & Co for all the wonderful memories I have made and continue to make each day.

Tarun Bhonsle ACA

My experience at Seshachalam & Co (Launchpad for budding finance professionals)

I have done my CA Articleship with Seshachalam & Co for 2 years from 2012 to 2014. For a CA student, Articleship is the first opportunity that gives hands on experience in various aspects of auditing, tax & finance. Looking back at the time I’d spent at Sesco, I feel, it was by far the most valuable work experience that I had in my early stage of career which gave me a strong foundational base.

The firm is more than 6 decades old, which itself speaks volumes of the leadership of the firm. The partners are seasoned leaders. I was fortunate enough to work under direct guidance of both Mr.Seshachalam & Mr.Bharadwaj. There was a constant hand holding from start of the engagement to closing the engagement including client meeting .It was very enriching. I was exposed to all the areas which a firm handles and that’s quite lucky to say.Most importantly partners were approachable for any discussion at any time.We were made to feel as chartered accountants rather than as interns.

To conclude, I strongly believe that, what I am today is because of strong foundation and skills that I’d gathered while working at Sesco. I’ve always carried the experience & learnings I had at Sesco all throughout my professional journey post- qualification. I will always be grateful for the opportunity and amazing learning platform that Sesco & the Partners have provided me with.

Ameeta Vaswani

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

"It’s been a huge privilege working at Seshachalam & Co. (Sesco). I remember walking into Sesco with no prior work experience but in 4 years I walked out a professional ready to face various hurdles at any work set up. The firm has been an integral part of my formative years not only have I built on my academic knowledge but also the diverse mix of clients and individual profiles of the firm have helped me gain practical experience in the subjects of audit, taxation, law and financial analysis."

During my time at Sesco I have seen the firm grow and reach new heights not just in a local set up but globally as well.The partners at the firm not only focus on meeting targets but also ensure that the employees learn on the job. Further, once you leave the firm it doesn’t feel like you have left as you can always reach out to them for their guidance.I will always be grateful for being a part of the Sesco team.

Ritu Daniela Jayakumar

My Journey at Seshachalam & Co

"Working at Seshachalam & Co. gave me a diverse professional experience. You are given the freedom to exhibit creativity and showcase your analytical skills. And quality work is always acknowledged. During my time at the firm, I was able to work on various areas of tax, accounting, audit, financial reporting and consulting for a varied portfolio of clients under competent and knowledgeable partners. I was able to improve my technological skills and gain confidence in interacting with various clients. The team at the firm were proactive, helpful and a pleasure to work with. My fond memory at the firm was when I was sent on an audit to Nepal. I am truly appreciative of my time at the firm as it left me with a holistic professional experience."